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Khun Korn National Park, Thailand

Home of Chiang Rai’s Highest Waterfall

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The Falls at Khun Korn.
The Falls at Khun Korn
National Park.

Fifteen kilometres from Chiang Rai along the old Chiang Mai road, and a further 11 km up a beautiful winding lane into the hills, brings you to this delightful oasis of noise and confusion. It’s damp, dark and raw. The thick stands of bamboo and banana make it seem antediluvian. Your nose is filled with the thick, heavy odours of damp earth and decaying vegetation. And, thanks to millions of cicadas, it is noisy.


The noise and humidity hit you as soon as you arrive. A solid wall of sound presses around the visitor; the heavy, bone shaking roar of water pushing and tumbling over a series of cascades forms the background to some of the noisiest, most ear splitting and most frantic sounding creatures in creation. Cicadas. Just a couple of inches long, these true bugs spend most of their lives as larvae deep in the soil feeding on roots. The adults emerge in the summer months following complicated but well documented cycles. The adults have a hard, carapace and large lacy wings that are folded tent-like over the body. They live high in the trees, feeding off the sap and are well camouflaged. Except for the noise.


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