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Chiang Rai’s Secret Cave Temples

A Cycling Tour of the Mae Kok River Valley

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The northern winter is a great time to be visiting Chiangrai. The cool dry weather makes it pleasant to be out and about and what can be more pleasant than a morning gently cycling through the beautiful Thai countryside; taking in some of the unusual temples and mysterious caves around Chiang-Rai, finishing up at Chiang-Rai Beach for lunch and a few drinks before heading back into town.

Boat on the Mae Kok River.
Boat on the Mea Gok River near Chiang Rai.

This ride takes you through some of Thailand’s most beautiful farming country around the Mae Kok River, via three limestone mountains or karsts. These contain caves used as meditation centers. The round trip is 25 kilometres on paved roads. There are no steep hills to climb so you don’t have to be super fit for this but bring plenty of water as shops are few and far between for much of the ride which should easily be completed in half a day. There are plenty of opportunities for exploring on your own. Akha villages and hot springs can be found in this area if you want a longer ride. Remember to bring a torch for investigating the darker corners of the caves.


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