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Tachilek: Gateway to Myanmar

6Sightseeing in Tachilek

The new Shwedagon Pagoda
The New Shwedagon Pagoda

Things to do are limited once you've seen the market. However, the area has a selection of temples in and around the town. Of these the are the important Township Dhammayondawgyi Tachilek Temple and the all-wood Poongwadoon Temple, recently rebuilt. You will probably be taken out a few kilometres to see a newly built Chinese style temple, funded by donations from wealthy local businessmen.

The new Shwedagon Pagoda stupa
The stupa

The golden stupa of the new Shwedagon Pagoda overlooks Tachilek and Maesai. Completed only in 1998, it offers great views. It is a big airy temple set on a small hill on the site of an older temple, the images from which are locked in gated rooms to the back of the complex, but still easily visible.

The pedicab drivers who accosted you at the bridge will take you to all for a bargain price of 50 Baht, the tour inevitably ending at a jewellery shop. As always though, the best way to learn the town is to stroll its dusty streets, peer in open doorways and windows and smile at everyone.

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