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Georgetown: Asia’s Melting Pot

Why Visit Georgetown?

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Today, the tropical Malaysian island of Penang is best known for its beaches and resorts (see Penang Hotels for listings), but the capital Georgetown is well worth more than the casual visit it is usually paid. Closer srutiny reveals a city with deep historical roots and cultural wealth.

More than anywhere else in Malaysia, Georgetown shows a tolerance for cultural and religious differences. Strolling through the steaming streets in the evening one can't help but wonder at how well the different communities have maintained their separate identities and yet still manage to form an integrated, tolerant and modern society.

A busy street in Georgetown.
A busy Georgetown street.

To truly appreciate this wonderful jumble of pre-war town houses, mansions, temples, mosques, churches and fine colonial buildings with its diversity of peoples, cultures and customs, you need to get into the old quarter and step back into the past.



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