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4Phoudingdeang Organic Farm

One of the more interesting places to visit is Suanmone Phoudindaeng Organic Farm 3km north on the Luang Prabang Road. It's next to the Nam Song River close to where most rubber-tubing activities set off. Visitors are warmly welcomed and given a guided tour. Money raised by the farm is spent on local projects such as a building community centre, buying a school bus and providing English classes for the village children.

The farm’s main activity is raising silk worms and these are housed in a couple of long low sheds. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to enter in case any perfumes we were wearing upset the delicate noses of the chomping worms. The farm also grows mulberry trees to feed the silk worms but we were surprised that the trees never grew more than a few inches. They are regularly cut back almost to the ground and the growth cycle is synchronized with that of the worms. When the worms are small they are fed with choicest handpicked new leaves. As they and their appetite grow, the trees have also grown enough to feed them and to have sizable branches which are thrown to the silk worms whole.

Mulberry is a profitable sideline and a variety of mulberry products are on sale, including mulberry tea and mulberry wine. If you feel like staying longer or even trying your hand at raising silkworm, Suanmone Phoudindaeng Organic Farm is supposedly affiliated with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms but it's not listed on the website. However they welcome volunteers and have cheap accommodation and free meals in return for which you are expected to help on the farm. If you want to learn more about these projects, volunteer or make a donation then Equal Education For All has more information.

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