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Vang Vieng, Laos

3Things to Do: Places to Stay

Alone or as part of a guided group there are plenty of activities, the most common are cycling and walking along the river banks up into the hills, visiting caverns, kayaking and inner-tubing on the river. Another favourite is playing on the swing over the river but be warned: accidents do happen and the nearest good hospital is Bangkok many days away.

The Nam Song is the areas biggest river and its pleasant, calm and unspoiled if you don't count the increasingly tipsy visitors floating gently down on inner tubes. There are paths along the bank and it offers a unique way to Vientiane—riding the river on a tractor inner tube—a mere two days. If you decide to kayak then you should manage it in one day. In either case your bags take the highway.

There are garden resorts along the river, which are much nicer and quieter than anything in town. My choice was the the Vang Vieng Resort. It’s is a little rundown, but set in quiet gardens along the Nam Song River opposite Tham Jang, it is a great base for exploring the region and communing with nature. Vang Vieng Resort right on the river by the suspension bridge close enough to town to walk in and far enough away to be able to sleep undisturbed. Stand on the suspension bridge and watch the river. Walk along the banks and watch kingfishers and rock thrushes or dip into the bracing water straight from a spring at the bottom of the cliff.

Getting There and Away

Theres only one way to get there. By road from either Vientiane or Luang Prabang. Its 6 to 8 hours from either depending on road conditions and most travelers are more than happy to make it a stopover point. You can get away by river by tractor inner tube or by kayak. This takes 2 days and you'll need a tour company to carry your bags and arrange overnight accomodation. When the river is high during the rains (June to October) the river can be dangerous in spots.

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