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Winchester Cathedral

King Alfred’s Treasury

Winchester Cathedral is one of the world’s greatest churches, and arguably England’s most magnificent cathedral. Its grandeur is enhanced by its setting in Winchester, a delightful, modest city of broad streets and narrow alleys with history written at every corner, lying in a hollow in the downs in the ancient heart of the southern English countryside. The cathedral itself is a treasure house of art, both ancient and modern, and housed in a magnificent, light-filled, powerful edifice that is built in a style uniquely English, perpendicular‒Gothic, a rather clumsy term for such elegant architecture.

From the Romans to King Alfred the Great

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Once an important walled Roman town, Venta Belgarum, it later became the Saxon capital of Wessex, Wintanceaster, before becoming the capital of England under King Alfred the Great. By the end of the 10th century, Winchester could boast of being home to the greatest ecclesiastical complex north of the Alps. Winchester was a royal city under William the Conqueror and his treasury, the Hoard, was kept here.

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